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Everything must go.  Purchase price $76,000 or best offer

Includes patent and all rights including videos. website, 3 remaining new desks in the box, all pre-made blanks, templates, construction drawings, specifically created tools, patent history drawings and information ... you get it all.  And I'll personally set you up and teach you how to make the desk in a week or two if you like - you pay $200/day for my hotel and meals.  


Buyer covers legal fees and taxes or other costs associated with the sale.  


"Best offer" sale date is Jan-1-2020 unless we get an offer we can't refuse before then.  Goto 'Contacts' to make any reasonable offer, you never know what may buy my work!

With a wobbly ornamental stand, toilet tissue stored 10 feet away and no magazine rack, the inventor just "made due" until a DANGEROUS hot coffee spill!  

Proudly building desks since 2009

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