Increased Productivity

                                          By the inventor


We spend 4 work-years of our lives on the toilet. I can't say what the typical person might accomplish in four years, but I can tell you what I did . . . I obtained this patent. 


MULTI-TASK:  By multi-tasking minutes a day at the desk, I tested, improved and patented the very item that made my daily "down-time" productive.   


CREATIVITY:  Think about the web-site you've wanted to create or the "Great Novel" you can't find the time to write? You can get it done at the desk simply because you'll likely return here at least a few minutes every day of your life. . . 


CHORES:  Consider the time you'd free-up by doing little chores like banking and billing before they eat into your day.


GROOMING: Or for basic grooming to get a head start on your day - the desktop raises to a mirror for hair and make-up appliqué.


THE BATH TUB: Consider the possibility of rolling it next to the bathtub to hold a candle or your favorite book for those long 'soaks' or bathing little kids - it holds TOYS!!


ASSISTANCE?: What about that person you know that requires a lot of time in the bathroom due to health issues?


PRIVACY: It provides a place to keep your personal toiletry items organized. (and out of sight) 


OR JUST RELAX: Say you just prefer to relax, check the weather and drink your coffee or tea; the rolling desk was originally designed with that intent in purpose in mind.


SOLID AND DURABLE: The ergonomic design adds strength to last a life-time. Although not tested for the aged or physically impaired, I utilized it to stand-up daily while recovering from a broken foot, and I weigh 280 lbs!


SIMPLE TO USE: and easy to maneuver, the patented design does what no other desk does - rolls comfortably between the knees then easily out of the way when finished.

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