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Comparibly priced to quality wooden end-tables (though more ergonomic and useful), our hand-made solid wood desks are produced here, not overseas. Nothing is stamped, glued or slapped together like typical bigbox retail junk.


Our build process takes 16 man-hours each, hard work for an exceptional product. You can own fine solid wood furniture to pass down generation to generation . . . we own the patent and we aren't going anywhere. 

Be assured there are no two alike. Notice the mild anomalies and slight imperfections. Would you rather have junk from a machine or well thought-out eclectic furniture?


Sure we have power tools, but we cut, sand, stain and assemble this furniture piece by piece . . . our sweat mixes into the wood grain as we create each unit from scratch.     


Think of that hard-to-buy-for person in your life this would make a terrific Christmas or Birthday present for - that person with discerning taste - you know who they are;  

those who take their time seriously and don't care for junk.

                 Shop for a Desk

Chose from one of these desks in stock for immediate delivery or design your own custom desk. Also, don't forget 'ready to go' un-finished desks (see above) always available for an added 10% off any discount you may already have.

Custom creations include: Unfinished or Antique stain.

Solid Painted: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow or Pink. Woodgrain stain: hues in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, or Red.  

To customize, choose Men or Womens curve-back shape desk. Select color of real Marble Knob and chose between two Desktop shapes: "Toilet Lid" shape or Square shaped. 

Due to SALES of this website and business, desks are no longer available for purchase.  


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