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U.S.Patent 8,567,878 issued Oct 2013 


With the first of eight versions built in 2009, design models are still in use today, constantly scrutinized, adjusted and improved upon before we brought our product to market.


The 'open front' design is easy to access, easy to clean with no upholstery to soil, stain, tear or wear out. 


The color coatings are water based environmentally friendly over non-particle non-veneer whole solid wood. 


The Desk comes fully assembled, weighs about 10lbs and requires less than 1 (one) sq foot of floor space.


With two hidden roller-balls mounted in the rear of the desk, it rolls where you want when you want and doesn't when you don't - simply by lifting the front of it's light-weight frame. (or simply pick it up and move it)


The inside of the desk easily accommodates common size laptops, 9x11 office paper AND a cup of Joe at the same time.


Paper roll holder accommodates 3 rolls at a time or one roll of paper towels for children's play room/other clean-up.




Just because it's the "Toilet" Users Rollable Desk doesn't mean it's only for the bathroom.


Because it requires no installation its 100% portable and can be used anywhere . . . such as children's rooms, little kids are naturally 'drawn' to it and love using it. The tissue holder is good for runny noses and also works great for paper towels to clean up messes.  


The founder of Toilet Users Rollable Desk even used it as a stand for an electronic drum-set in a band . . . point being?


If you need a small desk, why have one that's stationary? "Compact desks" from big retailers require several square feet of floor space, are difficult to assemble and aren't designed to move - just try getting one through a doorway after you've spent 2 hours putting it together. (don't ask:)


But the best advantage of this desk is its "Fits Between Your Knees"  patented design allows use almost anywhere space is premium such as  RV's, Yachts or Cabins. It fits nicely in tiny apartments, patios or sewing rooms.   It stores away well yet has a large enough work surface for any laptop, not to mention the handy close-up 'specialty space' for specific tasks, tools, nourishment and storage.   


It makes a terrific work-station for the Student, Seamstress, Jeweler, Locksmith or Hobbyist. Once you own one, you won't look at  desks, commodes or productivity  the same way ever again!



Allow me to speak frankly - I've been there . . .


Like when you have an important early morning meeting at work and need to hammer out the final details of that report but you NEED to use the bathroom . . . what do you do?  


a)  Throw cereal at the kids to make their own breakfast.

b)  Cut your toilet time short and feel 'uncomfortable' all day.

c)  Cut the report short leaving it sub-par.

d)  Race to work, placing lives at risk. 

e)  Race to work while putting on your make-up and . . . 

f)  Arrive late to the meeting and get "the look" because you obviously can't manage your time well enough to live up to your job expectations.  


You can rush it you can delay it but you can't deny it we all gotta do it - so why not multi-task while you do do it?  


I've been in your shoes raising a family, either feeling guilty for being curt with the kids in the morning or feeling "unfinished" having to rush my daily duty . . . I know what you're going through and it just doesn't have to be that way.  


Now this desk won't get the kids up or make their breakfast but it will provide that few extra minutes each day that you haven't been used to having - in a quiet place where you can concentrate and set priorities.  Maybe put the final touches on that report or send text messages. (instead of in the car) 


Ever been rushing around in the morning and misplace your sunglasses, leave your car keys in the refrigerator or bark at the kids to hurry? You could've avoided a lot of that by planning your day for a few minutes in a LOCKED ROOM.  


And even if you're the type that rush in and rush out, answer one question to yourself: do you have comfortable regularity? If you're not getting that, it might be because sitting on the commode seems like such a waste of time that you delay or cheat one of life's basic functions.   


I honestly believe that if humans had to stop what they're doing to breathe half the world would suffocate.  


Have you ever been sick - running back and forth to the bathroom while trying to keep your life on track?  My desk won't heal you but it'll help 'keep up while you're down.'


It's true; you can seamlessly add four work-years to your lifetime for less than $300. Figure it up; take what you earn a year and multiply times four to get the monetary value of managing your bathroom time efficiently.


The desk can't take credit for all that possibility, but it's darn hard to accomplish without it!  


Get off your butt!:), get out from behind the 8-ball, do what you need to do to be more productive, lower your stress level and last but not least, it's simply a pleasure to use.   






We will always try to satisfy any issues you may have but your desk comes with a 1 year money back guarantee.


If for any reason you aren't satisfied just send it back and we'll refund the credit card that purchased it minus 20% restocking and refurbish fee.


It hasn't happened but yes, we would refurbish any used/returned desks then re-sell at a discount with full disclosure. (all new desks sold are always 100% new!)



CAUTION:  This desk has two wheels and is not to be used to assist in sitting, standing or other personal support.  


Drinking hot liquids at anytime any place can burn you, be careful when doing so.  


Sitting still for extended periods can cause deep vein thrombosis and blood clots, a serious health condition.  


Toilet Users Rollable Desk will not be held responsible for damage to self or personal articles due to slippage, dropping or falling from the desk.  DO NOT OVERLOAD. The desk is reasonably rated for 50lbs, but just as with use of any/other personal support utility ie; "furniture" it can tip and or fall over depending on area of use and/or floor uneveness.


Supervise children when using this desk - and always.   


The desk is not meant to be used in water, other hazardous areas or harsh conditions and will void the warranty.  


Please use common sense when utilizing this device.  

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